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We are members of a new Grass Roots Open Primary Campaign in Florida, called Florida Independent Voting.Org (FIVOrg.Com - in affiliation with the national IndependentVoting.Org out of NY). This is a national campaign among Independents calling on Congress to hold hearings to examine ways in which partisanship is so hardwired into the political system, as to have created structural discrimination against independents; namely that 40% of Americans have a second class status.  

Florida and eighteen other states have Closed Primary elections where only members of a political party may vote in their Party's primary. The taxpayers including the Independent Party, or those with No Party Affiliation (NPA), finance these primaries with taxpayer dollars. That means that 40% of the voters that are Independent (NPA) become disenfranchised in primary elections. Yet they still have their taxes used to finance the elections of the Party that they have no say in which candidate should be selected/elected.

 The purpose of our campaign:  

 1) To call for the enactment of Nonpartisan Open Primaries in Florida, commonly called Top Two. It’s time to put the power in the hands of the voters, not the Political Parties. Under Top Two Open Primaries, all candidates for an office appear on one Primary Ballot, and voters can choose the best candidate for each office, regardless of Party Affiliation or No Party Affiliation. The TOP TWO vote getters go on to the General Election

 2) To educate Congress and shine a light on the effect of partisan control of the election process.

 3) To urge Congress to investigate these biases by holding hearings.

 Recent polls show the number of Americans identifying as Independents or No Party Affiliation has surpassed that of Democrat or Republican. This disconnect-between the growing independence of the citizenry and the highly partisan nature of our governing process-is creating an unhealthy situation for our democracy.

 Indeed, many have noted that the past negotiations and resulting congressional approval ratings of less than 10%, are so driven by partisan considerations as to put the country at risk. They urge that structural reforms are urgently needed in order that we may find genuine solutions to the problems we face. 

 We support the Top Two Open Primary Intiative #12-03 as an important step towards transforming our political process and moving forward as a State and as a Nation. Please check out this site for more details about this important Petition and it’s signing.      

  Sincerely,  All The Members of    Florida Independent Voting.Org

To Download a Printable Version of The Top Two Open Primary Petition Initiative #12-03 Form

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